Monday, August 5, 2013

The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera May 1, 1990 - October 20, 2002

     An auditorium style simulator ride that I could never really get behind. I think the premise and ride story are good, but the ride mechanics were pretty rough, and I never thought the interactive area afterwards was ever that great. It always struck me as a second hand knockoff of Imageworks from Journey into Imagination.

      This ride sticks out to me because it's the only "thrill ride" I can 100% remember going on with my grandparents on my fathers side. Which is a pretty big deal as they weren't a fan of very many rides unless it was slow moving like E.T. or Small World. They would be perfectly happy people watching while waiting for us at the exit of whatever we happened to be riding, heck even Pirates was a deal breaker for them since it included a minuscule drop. So even though I've never found this to be the greatest attraction ever created, I will always remember fondly because they toughed it up and rode this bucking pony of a ride with me.

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