Saturday, August 3, 2013

If You Had Wings June 5, 1972-January 3, 1989/ Dream Flight June 23, 1989- January 5, 1998

To be honest I was so young at the time that I barely remember "If You Had Wings" save for the cruise ship and going into the giant globe. Dreamflight on the other hand I remember vividly. Dreamflight taught me that  just because a ride wasn't fast or super exciting, it didn't mean it wasn't also entertaining or of great quality. This would always be the last thing I rode during my visits to Magic Kingdom. While my family and friends were watching the night time parade or fireworks, I would be a patron of this ride. Most of the time I was on my own, but every once in a while I could sucker a few people to join me. I called it my wind down ride, and multiple trips were always a must.

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