Monday, August 5, 2013

Questor 1991 - 1998


If you remember this ride you get a gold star. A simulator ride at Busch Gardens Tampa. This  "gem" of a ride was tucked in an out of the way corner of the park, behind the Clydesdale stables where the Egypt section would eventually be. It shares a lot of similarities to Body Wars, in that that the transitions don't make a whole lot of sense and are just there to keep you engaged. That doesn't make it bad, I loved to ride it back in the day. This was a great simulator which on my part required multiple rides per visit. The campy Jules Verne/steam punk theme completed the atmosphere of probably one of the most intense simulators I've ever been on. Its only short coming was that it probably had the most uncomfortable seats of all time. Upon the opening of the Egypt expansion  Questor was changed over to Akbars Adventure Tours.

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  1. YES! I get a gold star. I DO remember Questor, chasing that jurbilium crystal. The swirling water scene made me queasy, but the waterfall drop and cave tunnel fall was worth it. That ride was truly Steampunk LONG before there was Steampunk. Back then it was just cool.