Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kitchen Kabaret October 1, 1982 - January 3, 1994/ Food Rocks March 26, 1994 - January 3, 2004

So which show was better? The purists will say Kabaret is the only way to go, but in a rare occurrence I would have to disagree. Not that Kitchen Kabaret was a bad show necessarily. The animatronics were great as was the old fashioned theater theme of the venue, but the shows parodies which included Mae West, The Andrews Sisters, and Carmen Miranda were easily dated 30 or 40 years already when the show opened. I did enjoy the vaudeville part of the show with Hamm and Eggz, and still to this day say yokes on you. As a whole I think it was a well put together show, but it just fell a bit flat with the younger generation it was geared towards.

    Food Rocks boasted an updated song list and new characters including The Peach Boys, Pita Gabriel, and host Fud Wrapper voiced by Tone-Lōc. Many of the acts used the voices of the parodied musicians themselves: Tone- Lōc, Little Richard, The Pointer Sisters, and Chubby Checker.  This show had more of a concert feel with it's light show and pipped in cheers to make it sound like a there was huge crowd. The animatronics were of a cheaper quality with limited motion and I always kind of hated the Junk Rock band. In 2004 the attraction was shut down, with the theater becoming part of the queue  for Soarin'. The stage was left abandoned and hidden behind a wall.

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