Friday, August 30, 2013

Fright Nights - 1991

   This year marks the 23rd year for Universal Orlando’s annual Halloween event, Halloween Horror Nights. Over the past twenty two years the event has built itself quite a history and has continued to bring new levels of thrills and chills to guests. Over the next twenty two  days, I will take a bit of time to look at the hallowed halls of HHN's past and show you how Halloween Horror Nights has become the premier event it is today.

  Horror Nights began after Universal execs saw Knott's Berry Farm in Southern California become the undisputed king of haunted attractions with Knott's Scary Farm. They decided to jump into the fray and unleash their own brand of horror on the public. Fright Nights made its debut on October 25, 1991. It was a three night special Halloween event held at  Universal Studios Florida.  Dungeon of Terror was the only maze at the event, located in the queue of the Jaws attraction. The story was, the Dungeon of Terror was the storage room for the unmade Universal horror films that eventually grew a mind of their own, and began to attack all who entered the Dungeon. There were no scarezones the first year, but guests were provided with plenty of entertainment throughout the park including freak shows, fortune tellers, and of course chainsaws. Fright Nights also featured specially themed shows for the event like Dr. Frankenstein's Theater and Beetle Juice's Graveyard Tours.

Beetle Juice's Grave Yard Tours

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