Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Akbar's Adventure Tours May 1998 - August 2007

A simulator ride in the Egypt area of Busch Gardens Tampa. Replacing Questor this attraction starred Martin Short and Eugene Levy, taking you on a tour of Egypt. Questor and Akbar were the only rides Busch Gardens had at the time that were on par with the Orlando parks for theming and story. I really enjoyed Akbar's Adventure Tours. There were a lot of gimmicks that made it a unique simulator. The parts that still stick out to me are the mummy popping out from the simulator's ceiling, and the giant snake spitting on you. But it was the combination of Martin's slapstick humor and Levy's deadpan deliveries that completely sold me on this one. Unfortunately I can only find a few low quality video clips online, none of which include the full ride.

Akbar's Adventure Tours commercial

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