Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter December 16, 1994 - October 12, 2003

    First off Alien Encounter was truly scary. Even for adults it was pretty damn freaky. That's actually what I loved about it personally. I remember people bringing their kids on and having to leave because they were crying their eyes out. The best part was that the fear was all in your head. The seats never moved, it didn't engage onto some track and send you on a roller coaster ride. You were just sitting in the dark and your brain was telling you that shit was hitting the fan. It was complete sensory overload, having the alien: breathing hot air down your neck and licking the back of your head, hearing it fly around the room, and listening to it eat the person seated behind you.

    The random humor thrown in was fantastic too, my favorites being the recording of a guy yelling "It's my mother in law!" when the alien was revealed, and "My mouth was open!" when it explodes at the end. It also had an all star cast of actors including: Tyra Banks (Sknab Aryt),   Kevin Pollock (Spinlok), Kathy Najimy (Dr. Femus) and Jeffrey Jones (Chairman Clench). The Robotic salesman S.I.R. was originally voiced by the late great Phil Hartman before being recast with the always fantastic Tim Curry. The original version of Alien Encounter soft opened on December 16, 1994 and was dubbed “not scary enough" by Michael Eisner, and closed shop to be re-tooled. The second incarnation of the ride reopened on June 20, 1995 and was eventually deemed “Too Intense" for young children, and replaced with the very toned down and super marketable Stich's Great Mistak...err...Escape.

Regis previews Alien Encounter

The original preshow with Phil Hartman

Final Version:


Main Show

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