Saturday, August 31, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights II - 1992


      Halloween Horror Nights began as (fright nights make link after its published) in 1991. In 1992 Universal changed the name to Halloween Horror Nights due to legal disputes over ownership of the name Fright Nights. The event was called "The second annual" and was expand from three nights to five. HHN 2 introduced what would become two staples of the event: Robosaurus and Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure  a satirical recap of the events that transpired over the past year. Some of the parks rides were re-themed to make them scarier. For example The E.T. Adventure was turned into a journey through dark forest to an alien world and renamed Alien Forest, while Kongfrontation took on a Darkman theme, and Earthquake became Terror Underground replacing the flood of water during the climax with blood.

      The event also featured two haunted mazes: Dungeon of Terror (returned from the previous year, and a house based off if the Wes Craven movie "People Under the Stairs". Also introduced this year was a "live" woman in a glass coffin, full of sewer dwelling rodents, wheeled through the streets at Horror Nights. Affectionately named "The Rat Lady", she is one of the longest continually appearing characters and has become a staple of Halloween Horror Nights.

The first Bill and Ted PT1


Interviews with the actors

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