Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights XIX - 2009

Subtitled "Ripped from the Silver Screen, the event relied heavily on characters from the movie franchises  Child's Play (Chucky), Saw (Billy /Jigsaw), and Universal's The Wolfman remake. It also featured classic mocie monsters Dracula and Frankenstein. Halloween Horror Nights XIX's theme revolved around a mysterious old movie theater called the Universal Palace Theater.
The Icon of the event was The Usher, a mysterious, undead usher who haunts and cares for the theater. The Universal Palace itself is an evil entity that attacks those who do not show it respect. The event held six scarezones and eight haunted mazes.

The Icon houae was Silver Screams where The Usher welcomed guests into the Universal Palace Theater, where scenes from some of horror's biggest movies like Phantom of the Opera, Shaun of the Dead, and Army of Darkness. are brought to life.
Saw was inspired by the popular Saw series of movies. In The Wolfman, based off the remake of the same name, guests travel through the England countryside while being hunted by The Wolfman. In Chucky: Friends till the End you would enter into  Chucky's world, where the demented doll has been turning harmless toys into pure evil. Dracula: Legacy in Blood took guests Count Dracula's castle on the night of "The Calling", and are given the choice of either becoming an undead servant of Dracula, or suffering a painful demise. In Frankenstein: Creation of the Damned, Frankenstein's monster has taken revenge against his creator, and you are caught in the middle of his destructive rampage.
The Spawning was a house loosly based on the movie C.H.U.D. where guests traveled through sewers filled with Underground Dwellers.
Leave it to Cleaver was a comedy/horror house where Sam Meetz works as a butcher in Carey, Ohio with a steady supply of vagrants, vagabonds, and ne're do wells as his livestock.

Horror Nights XIX was pretty solid as far as the houses go. It was also the first time I went through houses completely alone, and let me tell you that is how these houses are meant to be experienced. The Dracula house and Leave it to Clever tie for the best house this year. Saw was my least favorite, but it was also the most popular, which means everyone else was wrong.

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