Thursday, September 12, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights XIV - 2004

Asking guests "What's Your Breaking Point?" Halloween Horror Nights XIV was the first, and so far only time, both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure housed the event. Two paths acting as scarezones were used to connect the two parks. Field of Screams a cornfield where scarecrows come to life was located behind Seuss Landing, and Fright Yard was a backstage path between The Lost Continent in IOA and the New York back lot of Universal Studios.

Islands of Adventure held five of the seven houses. Castle Vampyr took place in a gothic castle filled with vampires, Ghost Town was a haunted western themed house, Horror in Wax  an abandoned wax museum filled with creatures from Universal Studios' past, and Hellgate Prison where guest had to survive their way through a prison riot. The final two houses Deadtropolis a zombie infested city, and Horror Nights Nightmares were located in Universal Studios

For the first time in five years Halloween Horror Nights didn't feature an event icon. Portions of the parks were closed with only some attractions operating. The parks became so crowded, that Universal opened designated closed sections on busy nights to help alleviate  the crowded pathway. Scare-actors were also inserted throughout the event to help fill the "dead" space.
Bill and Teds Excellent Halloween Adventure 2004 overview

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