Sunday, September 8, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights X - 2000

Halloween Horror Nights X featured five houses; Anxiety in 3-D, Total Chaos, The Fearhouse, Universal Classic Monster Mania, and Dark Torment. It also introduced four new scare zones; The Gauntlet, Midway of Dr. Morose, Apocalypse Island, and Clown Attack. Dark Torment was my favorite house that year. The maze started after you exited the Earthquake ride, I wish the powers that be at Universal would bring back this idea.

This was also the first Halloween Horror Nights to feature an original icon. Jack the Clown, took over the event and much of the park was re-themed to be based on his character. Jack stared in his own show called Jacked Up, and Jack's evil clowns took over the streets of Hollywood for the Clown Attack scarezone.
Jack was even made a cameo in the Jaws ride during the boat house scene. Jack was seen killing a victim in the boat house, before turning his attention to Amity Six's Skipper and passengers. He was also used in advertisements for the event touting, "Not Afraid of the Dark? You Don't Know Jack."

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