Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Snow White's Scary Adventures October 1, 1971 - May 31, 2012

Snow White's Scary Adventure was an opening day attraction at Magic Kingdom. The ride was designed so that riders felt as if they were the main character in the story. Many people didn't understand this concept, and some wondered why Snow White wasn't featured in the ride. In 1994 the ride was refurbished to include more scenes with Snow White, and remove many of the scenes which were deemed too scary for children.

2012 was the year to close down classic attractions; Jaws, Sounds Dangerous, and Snow White's Scary Adventure. I remember the first time I went on it, I cried the entire time. I was five, so shut it. Like Jaws and Back to the Future I went to ride this on it's final day of operation. Although this has never been a favorite ride of mine I couldn't help thinking "Wow! A little piece of my childhood has vanished." as I left the park that day. It’s always sad to see a classic like this close (with Mr. Toad and Journey into Imagination being true travesties), but I’m especially sad that they will be replacing it with another “meet and greet" attraction which is something I didn’t really ever enjoy when as a child. It just feels like the “Imagineers” are resorting more and more to what’s easier instead of what’s inspiring. That's just my two cents though, and it's probably worth just about that…

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