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Halloween Horror Nights XV: Tales of Terror - 2005

Halloween Horror Nights XV ran from September 30 - October 31, 2005.
The event featured seven mazes; Blood Ruins, Body Collectors, Cold Blind Terror, Demon Cantina, The Skool, Terror Mines, and Where Evil Hides. A new special effect was introduced in the Terror Mines house. Every 10th guest or so was handed a hard hat with a light on it. As the guest walked through the maze, the light would change colors, strobe or go out completely. Sensors throughout the maze would designate when and what effect would take place.

Tales of Terror was also the first time that all of the houses, scarezones, and shows were linked together in an elaborate backstory. The events icon was The Storyteller who tales hypnotized her listeners and transported to a dark world called Terra Cruentas which was ruled by the Terra Queen. The Queen was motorcycle riding dictator who ruled from her Terra Throne a tree grown from blood and steel.

The event was located in Islands of Adventure exclusively for the third time. Islands of Adventure's Port of Entry was transformed into Terra Gaurd Run where scare-actors from every island were present to greet and frighten guests as the entered the park. Once inside the event, the Storyteller became virtually unheard of and the Terra Queen became the new master of horror. Each night actors posing as park guests were brought up to the Terra Throne and sacrificed by The Queen. Their blood seeped into the Tree's roots, and a fruit called Bloodberry would begin to grow. The fruit is made into a drink called Bloodberry Wine. On the final night of Horror Nights, at the stroke of midnight, the Queen herself was sacrificed to the tree, ending the month-long "Season of the Queen."

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Opening Scaremonies

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