Monday, September 9, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights XI - 2001

Halloween Horror Nights XI featured three scarezones and five houses; Scary Tales, Run, Superstitions, Pitch Black, and The Mummy Returns: The Curse Continues. Due to the attacks on September 11 Universal changed much of the the event to tone it down. Therefore the original mascot "Eddie" Jacks brother,was scrapped at last minute and replaced by the return of Jack. Taglines such as "Jack's Back" and "There's no more clowning around", were used. Anything graphic or violent was scrapped from the event, with no blood or gore being displayed and several of the attractions names were changed. Some of the changes included; Bloodbath Underground becoming Ooze Zone, Terror Land becoming Scary Tales, Slasher Alley becoming Nightmare Alley, and the Festival of the Dead parade becoming Nightmares on Parade.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 2001 overview

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