Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights IX - 1999

Halloween Horror Nights IX debuted the first 3-D maze in Halloween Horror Nights history, Universal's Creature Features in 3-D. The event also included four other mazes; Psycho: Through the Mind of Norman Bates, Doomsday, Insanity, and The Mummy. As cool as the 3D house was The Mummy takes the cake for the best house that year. The amount of detail put into the sets and costumes was unbelievable, especially the undead priests. The house I was looking forward to the most was Psycho. Unfortunately it was a huge disappointment and remained my least favorite house until the Friday the 13th house in 2007.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 1999 overview

HHN 9 event overview

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