Monday, December 5, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean (original/non-P.C. version) March 18, 1967 - March 7, 1997

In honor of Walt Disney's 100th birthday I'm posting a video of the original version of PotC, before it went all P.C. on us. Pirates was Walt's favorite attraction, even though he died before it was finished. It was originally envisioned as a walk through attraction but was changed to the same flat bottom boat system as It's a Small World. The ride was also one of the most elaborate uses of animatronics ever attempted by Disney. This ride will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember dragging every single member of my family on it over and over and over again so I could go down that water fall and sing along with the pirates. I think they may have ended up hating the "Yo Ho, Yo Ho" song like most people hate "It's a Small World", and even though I don't necessarily agree with many of the refurbishments done to it over the years, it still reamains a must ride attraction. 

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